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Argument: AIG bonuses are insignificant relative to larger problems

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Supporting quotations

Rush Limbaugh. "The Last Man Standing Speaks in Defense of AIG Bailout Bonuses." March 16, 2009 - Now, AIG, the bonuses, which came to light yesterday, $165 million, it's chump change when you get down to brass tacks. Oh, it is. I told you, I know you're not going to understand me, you're not going to agree with me, you're going to think I've lost touch. We need some perspective here. Okay, so they've got $170 billion in bailouts, the bonuses are $165 million. The AIG bonuses are one-tenth of 1% of all the bailout money, not just for AIG, but for everybody else.

[...] Here we go again. We're upset over $165 million. Folks, in the grand scheme of the federal budget, this is chump change. Do you know what we're paying to pay mortgages for people that can't pay their mortgages? Do you know what we're paying people not to work? It is outrageous. Nobody is discussing here the outrage at the cost of government.

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