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Argument: A carbon tax passes costs on to consumers

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Supporting quotations

Canadian M.P. Rob Moore. "Carbon Tax? One Bad Idea". 20 May 2008 - A carbon tax will raise the price of gasoline, electricity and everything else you buy. It will kill jobs. For those who use home heating oil, it will lead to a massive increase in cost over the course of the winter. For those living on fixed-incomes, particularly seniors, a carbon tax represents an unacceptable burden.

For cabbies, truckers, and those who make the daily commute to work, a carbon tax will make high gas prices that much higher. The added transportation costs for basic necessities, such as food, will mean higher prices at the grocery store. A carbon tax will also put thousands of Canadian manufacturing jobs at risk.

At a time of rising global food and energy prices and increasing demand around the world, a carbon tax will make these necessities that much more expensive.

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