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Argument: Embryonic stem cells have fewer drawbacks than adult stem cells

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Supporting examples and quotations

  • Adult stem cells are more difficult to grow in culture, according to Time 7/30/06. World of Stem Cells - "One major disadvantage is that culturing adult stem cells in-vitro is very difficult and has not been possible for some types. Also they have a very short life, when cultured in-vitro as compared to embryonic cells."
  • Adult stem cell research may be misleadingly advanced, according to Religious, "because of its four decade head start over embryo stem cell studies." Stem Cell Foundation "Benefits and Future Hopes" - "To date, adult stem cell research has yielded a greater number of clinical trials and applied treatments than embryonic research. In part because adult stem cells have proved easier to manipulate in the laboratory but also because the stigma associated with embryonic research has deterred investors."
  • Umbilical-cord stem cell drawbacks: Scott's "Stem Cell Now" (2006) - "Cord blood has only a few primitive blood stem cells because of the small volume of blood found inside [due to the shortness of an umbilical cord] -- a disadvantage when transplant success is tied to the number of cells infused. The small quantity means that such transplants are suitable only for children or small adults."
Limited transplant applications: They can only be used for "transplanting blood stem cells to treat some malignant and nonmalignant blood diseases." - Scott (2006)

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