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Argument: An early withdrawal from Iraq would undermine US credibility with allies

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Supporting quotes

  • Retrieved 4.10.08 - "A politically driven pullout would be a military disaster.
    • A political pullout would send a dangerous signal of weakness and fecklessness to both our allies and enemies".
  • Don Shepperd, a retired Air Force major-general and military analyst for CNN, said in 2007, "we do not want a U.S that is perceived as having been badly defeated in the global war on terror or as an unreliable future ally or coalition partner."[1]
  • Mortimer B. Zuckerman. "Seeing the Job Through". U.S. News and World Report. December, 4th, 2005 - "In short, we must stay. What may have been originally a war of choice is now a war of necessity. So we must stop all this destabilizing talk about withdrawal. To withdraw to some timetable divorced from reality on the ground would grant militant Islam a huge victory, and Arabs who want to democratize and modernize would know they could not count on America to stand by its friends.
[...]It would also undermine our strategy of hitting terrorists hard abroad, while loyal allies and new friends around the world would find themselves leaderless in the global struggle against Islamist radicalism. A loss of nerve and a humiliating retreat would seriously undermine America's role in the world."

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