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Argument: Bad idea for Google to leave biggest internet market

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Supporting quotations

Sumner Lemon. "Google's China decision ignores conventional wisdom." PC World. March 22, 2010: "Google’s decision to stop censoring search engine results in China flies in the face of common wisdom when it comes to doing business in the country.

China is supposed to be too important to ignore, the promise of a market with more than 1 billion people too lucrative to pass up. Common business wisdom holds that no company can afford to ignore, let alone walk away from, China."

"Google Makes Right China Decision." Internet Outsider. January 24th, 2006: "With China projected to soon become the largest Internet market in the world, Google simply has to be there (especially if it wants to index all the world's information). And if it is to be there, it has to do business the way the Chinese government wants it to do business, regardless of how offensive some of the restrictions may be."

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said in January that Microsoft would not follow Google out of China, arguing that it would be bad business and bad for the Chinese people: "I don't understand how that helps us, and I don't understand how that helps China."[1]

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