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Argument: Capitalism is not ruled by individual, but corporations

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Corporations are totalitarian structures and are completely unaccountable to the public. Capitalism was designed around the interests of corporations, after they were designed by monarchs so they could keep their power over the rising middle-class and make money just by virtue of having money. Far from being ruled by individuals, capitalism is ruled by corporations who must, by design, continue to expand and make a profit, no matter how harmful this is to the individuals in society. And capitalism has always been ruled by corporations, to the point that they have become the defining feature of the capitalist ruling class. See here and here for explanation and analysis of how big corporations come to dominate capitalism and the effects on society as a result of it. Capitalism has never been about groups of people working together to meet collective needs. It has always been about the ruling class enriching itself at the expense of the ordinary people, particularly at the peripheries of capitalism. Explanations and links are given at other points in the debate, particularly in the history and human rights section, but for for a good overview see Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff and Historical Capitalism with Capitalist Civilization by Immanuel Wallerstein, and further sources are given in the argument page for the argument that capitalism has fostered imperialism, exploitation and suffering. The only society that is truly ruled by the individual is anarchism, a la the ideas of Kropotkin etc., which is a form of socialism. Anarchism is ruled not by a state or a group of corporations, but by all the individuals in society making decisions together on an equal basis through federated council structures.

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