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Argument: Circumcision does not interfere with sexual performance

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Supporting quotations

"In Defense of Circumcision". New York Times, Letter to the Editor. 17 June 1990 - "Ralph Ginzburg's letter (May 13) condemning circumcision is filled with so many sensational untruths that it deserves rebuttal[...]His most ridiculous statement concerns his informal studies, when he refers to a loss of sexual pleasure that may impoverish wives and lovers. Mr. Ginzburg needs to realize that true sexual pleasure demands much interaction between two people, and if someone is dependent on a small piece of redundant skin to furnish it, he is truly impoverished."

Michael Benatar. "How Not to Argue About Circumcision". The American Journal of Bioethics. 2003 - Benatar and Benatar argue that circumcision can be beneficial to a male before he would be able to otherwise provide consent, that "it is far from obvious that circumcision reduces sexual pleasure."

S. Collins, J. Upshaw. "Effects of Circumcision on Male Sexual Function: Debunking a Myth?". 2004 - Purpose: Claims of superior sexual sensitivity and satisfaction for uncircumcised males have never been substantiated in a prospective fashion in the medical literature. We performed such a study to investigate these assertions.

Materials and Methods: The Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory (BMSFI) was administered to sexually active males older than 18 years before undergoing circumcision. After a minimum interval of 12 weeks after the operation, the survey was again administered. The 5 domains of the BMSFI (sexual drive, erections, ejaculation, problem assessment overall satisfaction) were each given a summed composite score. These scores before and after circumcision were then analyzed by Wilcoxon signed-rank testing.

Results: All 15 men who participated in the study between September 1999 and October 2000 were available for followup. Mean patient age plus or minus standard deviation was 36.9 +/- 12.0 years. There was no statistically significant difference in the BMFSI composite scores of reported sexual drive (p>0.68), erection (p>0.96), ejaculation (p>0.48), problem assessment (p>0.53) or overall satisfaction (p>0.72).

Conclusions: Circumcision does not appear to have adverse, clinically important effects on male sexual function in sexually active adults who undergo the procedure.

"Circumcision Doesn't Reduce Sexual Satisfaction And Performance, Says Study Of 4,500 Men". Science Daily. 8 Jan. 2008 - More than 98 per cent of men who are circumcised can enjoy the same levels of sexual satisfaction and performance as men who are not, according to a study of nearly 4,500 males published in the January issue of the UK-based urology journal BJU International.

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