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Argument: Circumcision results in enlargement of gland, enjoyed by women

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Adult Circumcision Stories - Men Circumcised As Adults Tell It As It Is...". Aussie says no loss of sensitivity and glans grows. Circinfo. - I read your article on circumcision with great interest. As a male who was circumcised as an adult I can concur that there has been very little loss of sensitivity and I am happy with my circumcised condition. There is one factor overlooked by many proponents of circumcision as to it's value.

Due to the confining nature of the foreskin, the glans does not develop proportionally with the rest of the penis. It is like a small acorn on the end of a thick stick. When circumcised, and the restricting nature of the foreskin removed, the glans will start to grow proportionally with rest of the penis.

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