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Argument: College football playoffs maintain importance of regular season

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Supporting quotations

"Wetzel's playoff plan." Yahoo Sports. December 7, 2009: "college football’s roller-coaster regular season needs to be protected. [...] That’s accomplished by two things. The first is playing on the home field of the higher-seeded team until the title game (more on this later). [...] The second is by giving the chance for an easier first-round opponent – in this case No. 1 seed Alabama would play No. 16 Troy. Earning a top two or three seed most years would present a school a de facto bye into the second round. [...] The season still matters this way. By winning the SEC championship game Saturday, Alabama gets Troy and enjoys home-field advantage in Tuscaloosa until the title game. By losing it, Florida gets Penn State and has to hit the road if it can beat the Nittany Lions."

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