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Argument: Corporal punishment often over-responds to innocent child behavior

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Jan Hunt. "Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids". The Natural Child Project: "2. In many cases of so-called 'bad behavior', the child is simply responding in the only way he can, given his age and experience, to neglect of basic needs. Among these needs are: proper sleep and nutrition, treatment of hidden allergy, fresh air, exercise, and sufficient freedom to explore the world around him. But his greatest need is for his parents' undivided attention. In these busy times, few children receive sufficient time and attention from their parents, who are often too distracted by their own problems and worries to treat their children with patience and empathy. It is surely wrong and unfair to punish a child for responding in a natural way to having important needs neglected. For this reason, punishment is not only ineffective in the long run, it is also clearly unjust."

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