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Argument: Dangerous cultural pressure exists surrounding circumcision

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Supporting quotations

Rosemary Romberg. "Circumcision - The Painful Dilemma. Chapter Eleven: Complications of Circumcision (Condensed)". 1985 - Reaction of Older Sibling

Perhaps the following experience can be considered a complication of circumcision. A doctor reports:

One Sunday afternoon I received an urgent call from a harassed mother who informed me that her two-year-old son had tried to amputate his penis and was bleeding profusely.

He had a moderately deep laceration half-way around the base of the penis. The urethra was intact. The laceration was sutured and recovery was uneventful.

The youngster had witnessed his baby brother's ritual circumcision one week previously and had obviously been impressed by the procedure and all the attention his brother had received. 59.

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