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Argument: Denying gays marriage is not justified on religious grounds

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Supporting quotations

Russell D. Moore, dean of the school of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, an evangelical seminary in Louisville, Ky., said he is "confused" as to how Obama can "on the one hand, condemn faith-based arguments when they speak to issues on which he disagrees" and then "embrace just such arguments when they seem to serve issues he is promoting [such as civil unions over gay marriages]." Moore said, Obama is "framing the discussion as more than simply a prudential justice question".

Andrew Sullivan. "Why 'civil union' isn't marriage." The New Republic. May 8, 2000: "Equally, an appeal to the religious content of marriage is irrelevant in this case. No one is proposing that faith communities be required to change their definitions of marriage, unless such a community, like Reform Jewry, decides to do so of its own free will. The question at hand is civil marriage and only civil marriage. In a country where church and state are separate, this is no small distinction. Many churches, for example, forbid divorce. But civil divorce is still legal. Many citizens adhere to no church at all. Should they be required to adhere to a religious teaching in order to be legally married?"

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