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Argument: Drug War in Columbia is failing to cut drug trade

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Supporting quotations

Rory Carroll. "Why the war on drugs in Columbia may never be won." Guardian. February 16, 2010: "Military helicopters continue to scythe over treetops in the Colombian jungle and hundreds of millions of dollars are still poured into the fight – but there is a growing conviction that it cannot be won.

It may evolve and change shape, move from jungles to cities and from bloody battles to discreet bribes, but it will not end with a flag planted in the ground and victory declared.

[...] With victory in the so-called drug war ever more elusive, there are growing calls around the world – from thinktanks, law enforcement officials and former presidents – to decriminalise cocaine.

Just as the end of prohibition doomed the bootleggers, the logic goes, decriminalisation could put traffickers out of business. It is an experiment no government has yet dared to try."

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