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Argument: EU should not admit Turkey to gain young immigrant workers

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Supporting quotations

Tom Spencer. "GOOD REASONS FOR SAYING NO TO TURKEY". August 19th, 2004 - "A new variant of the case for admitting Turkey stresses the supposed need to balance Europe’s ageing population with a vast import of predominantly Islamic young labour. Barnett argues that the USA will meet its own ageing problem in its traditional way by admitting millions of migrants from Mexico and Latin America. He calculates that to achieve the same ‘success’, the European Union would need to admit 1.5 million immigrants a year and that by 2050 a quarter of its population would be foreign born. However the world is moving towards population balance or indeed reduction by 2050, so such vast upheavals would only ‘solve’ the ageing problem for one generation. One is surely entitled to wonder by what right Muslim immigration is privileged over non-Muslim? Similarly, one might wonder why Turkish Muslims are privileged over Egyptian or Indian Muslim immigrants?"

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