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Argument: Ecotourism favors corporate interests over democratic processes

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Tourism, Globalisation and Sustainable Development". Untamed Path. Retrieved 1.29.08 - "Economic globalisation has also generated considerable criticism because it comes along with the erosion of power of governments. Opponents argue that local and national institutions will no longer be able to properly fulfil their responsibilities such as providing social services, preserving the environment, and implementing sustainable development programmes.
Indeed, the multilateral agreements facilitating globalisation have shown little, if any, concern for social and ecological issues. On the environment front, the WTO has discussed proposals to introduce 'environmental standards' and 'eco-labels' developed by international setting bodies. Critics say this move is likely to be dominated by TNC interests, which attempt to appropriate the environmental agenda and push for self-regulation. Meanwhile, existing national environmental policies and laws adopted by democratically elected governments will be undermined."

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