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Argument: Every game is important and exciting under BCS

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Supporting quotations

Chuck Klosterman. "No college football playoff, please." ESPN. January 2, 2007: "watching college football on television is a bargain; all I have to do is wake up. It's always entertaining. It always makes me happy, even in August. And I know this wouldn't be the case if the NCAA had a playoff structure. College football is the only American sport that is unilaterally intriguing -- the season's beginning is as good as its middle, which is often as good as its end. Here is an abbreviated list of college football games from 2006 that I was obsessed with watching:

  1. Ohio State vs. Michigan
  2. Ohio State vs. Texas
  3. LSU vs. Arkansas
  4. Rutgers vs. West Virginia
  5. Rutgers vs. Louisville (which I missed)
  6. West Virginia vs. Louisville
  7. Florida State vs. Miami (this was extremely early in the season)
  8. Florida vs. LSU
  9. Michigan vs. Notre Dame
  10. USC vs. UCLA

All 10 of these games were meaningful (or at least profoundly meaningful on the date they were played). This is because there is no playoff, which means it's ALWAYS the playoffs. But if there were an eight-team playoff, I could have ignored all of them. Even if there were just a four-team playoff, the hyper-anticipated Ohio State-Michigan game would have mattered only to all the Schnapps-guzzling goofballs in Columbus and Ann Arbor who love burning couches in the street. How, exactly, are three exciting weekends in December better than four or five months of weekly sweeping consequence? Why jam an entire season into 21 days? I love that Ohio State always needed to win this year. Always. I can't think of any other major sport where that's a reality."

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