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Argument: Fans equally willing to travel to playoffs as BCS

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Supporting quotations

Harvey Starin. "There is nothing wrong with college football playoffs." Sun Sentinel. January 7, 2010: "Her second point, that South Florida will suffer a negative economic impact, is equally specious. As for fans' unwillingness to travel for playoff games, they travel now for meaningless bowl games, to be part of the pageantry and camaraderie they feel as boosters. [...] And after the first round, half the eight teams will be out anyway. So there are only two more games to attend before the legitimate championship. And I guarantee that rabid fans from contending teams will attend the two extra games. They do it now for college basketball, which has 60 extra games and doesn't even come during a time when people are off from work and their kids are home for the Christmas-to-New Year break."

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