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Argument: GM foods are essential to responding to global food shortages

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Supporting quotations

Emma Ross. "Scientists: Genetically Modified Crops Crucial to Fight Hunger". Associated Press. July 12th, 2000

LONDON (AP) -- To combat world hunger, rich nations must boost funding for research into genetically modified crops and poor farmers must be protected from corporate control of the technology, a group of science academies said Tuesday.

In an unprecedented report by seven independent academies from both the developed and developing world, experts agreed that genetic modification of crops is crucial to addressing the problem of the world's growing population and shrinking land for growing food.

Today, "800 million people don't have access to enough food," said Brian Heap, vice president of Britain's Royal Society and chairman of the group that wrote the report. [read the rest of the article]

"Monsanto makes the case for GM crops". American Public Media. June 4th, 2008 - "Monsanto announced plans to create new seeds with higher yields and lower energy and water demands in response to the global food crisis [...] Monsanto, the world's number one maker of genetically modified seeds, says it sees opportunity in the global food crisis. The agribusiness giant announced today it's working on a way to double crop yields while using less energy and water at the same time... and oh yeah, spreading the word about genetically modified crops."

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