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Argument: Genocide is occurring in Iraq regardless of US withdrawal

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Supporting quotations

Spengler's recent column cites David Rieff, a liberal who originally supported Iraq regime change on "humanitarian"—anti-genocide—grounds. Rieff has changed his mind about anti-genocide intervention, Spengler says:

[P]rominent journalist and humanitarian activist David Rieff believes that if genocide is inevitable in Iraq, we should stand back and watch. He asks '... why the U.S. should remain in Iraq at all: [1] The usual answer is that because if we leave [Iraq] there will be a genocide. ... The deeper questions are (a) whether short of open-ended colonization, the U.S. has the power to prevent the genocide whose preconditions we ourselves created through our hubris, (b) whether the future of the Iraqi polity should be one of the main foci of our concerns, and (c) whether the cost of preventing genocide is one we as a polity can afford to pay. My answer to all three questions is no.'"[1]

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