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Argument: Germany should receive UN Security Council veto power

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Supporting evidence

Germany’s economic parameters and indicators testify to a sheer superiority at all levels, if compared with those of France and England: the German GDP (US $ 2.6 trillion) is higher than England’s (US $ 1.9 trillion) and France’s (US $ 1.9 trillion), and Germany leads England and France when it comes to per capita GDP (US $ 31900, compared to US $ 31800 and US $ 31200 respectively),
Regarding Gross Fixed Investment as part of the GDP, France (20.5%) leads both England (18.1%) and Germany (18%). When it comes to budget revenues and expenditures, Germany (US $ 1.2 trillion/1.3 trillion) leads France (US $ 1.1 trillion/1.2 trillion) and England (US $ 1 trillion/1 trillion),
Germany is the world leader in exports; with exportations totaling US $ (est. 2006), Germany leads the US (no 2, US $ and China (no 3, US $ 969.000.000). France (no 5, US $ 483.000.00) and England (no 6, US $ 450.000.000), counted together, export as much as 80% of the German exports, despite the fact that their combined population is 50% larger than Germany's (123 m people vs. 82 m people).
[...]Thus, with larger population and stronger economy than France and England, Germany should be viewed as another convincing candidate for the UN Veto Club, after Japan and India. In a forthcoming article, we will explain the reasons why Italy, Brazil, and Mexico should also be offered Permanent Membership in the UN Security Council."

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