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Argument: History demonstrates environ risks of capitalism

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Anyone familiar with recent history will know that our species is fast becoming suicidal. The onset of global warming and the threat of nuclear weapons constantly loom over us and everything we do. This is directly related to capitalism and it's need to continuously grow. The process goes something like this: All money is lent into existence by banks. But since banks charge interest the bank might lend me £1 million and get back £2 million, including the lending through a smaller bank to get to me (I'm pretty sure these aren't accurate figures but I'm just giving an example). This extra £1 million has to come from somewhere but only banks can lend money into existence. So more money has to be created. So, as a result of this, capitalism needs to continually grow or it will cease to function. Because capitalism needs to continually grow it will have to grow into every area of life. This includes weapons production and exploiting fossil fuels, among other nasty activities. So, in order to survive, capitalism must put the survival of the human species (and many others) at risk, killing many in the process. This process of perpetual money creation also means that inevitably someone will have to lose out, since the money has to come from somewhere and banks have to keep making profit. This losing out often means bankruptcy but it can also mean various other (far worse) outcomes. This perpetual money creation also leads to a slope of authority towards the centre, that being banks and corporations. Put together this means that capitalism necessitates perpetual growth whereby the wealth ends up in the hands of a few dominant elites. This process of sloping wealth to the centre leads to the deaths of 36 million people every year through starvation (the equivalent of 6 Nazi holocausts a year) even thought the world produces enough food to adequately feed everyone in the world and could produce twice as much. Think about that for a minute.

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