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Argument: Landmines serve a humanitarian purpose by deterring war

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Supporting quotations

"South Korea Extols Some of the Benefits of Land Mines". New York Times. 3 Sept 1997 - as supporters of mines here see it, land mines in South Korea are virtually a symbol of peace and security [...] 'Many people talk about the humanitarian aspects of land mines,' said Lieut. Gen. Park Yong Ok, the Deputy Defense Minister and a fervent defender of the mines. 'Deterrence of war is more humanitarian than anything. If we fail to deter war, a tremendous number of civilians will be killed. And the use of land mines is a very effective way of deterring war.'"

General Park, the Deputy Defense Minister. - "From a military standpoint and from a humanitarian standpoint," he argued, "it is clear that we need to use land mines."[1]

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