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Argument: Lifting Gaza blockade would let weapons in, undermine peace

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Supporting quotations

Jonathan Tobin. "Embrace of Hamas’s Goal of Breaking the Blockade Dooms Peace Efforts." Commentary Magazine. June 6th, 2010: "the problem with these [anti Israeli blockade] pieces is that if Israel did as they wished, it would effectively doom any chance for peace with the Palestinians. Lifting the blockade and allowing the free flow of goods into the area — which will open the floodgates for not only food and medicine, which are already in plentiful supply in Gaza, but also for Iranian arms and “construction materials” that will strengthen Hamas’s fortifications — would be the final step toward establishing the sovereignty of the Hamas regime in Gaza."

Benjamin Netanyahu: "The idea was to break the sea blockade. Had it been, tens, hundreds of ships would come later, and in each boat hundreds of rockets, missiles could be brought."[1]

On a separate occasion, he said "The international community cannot afford an Iranian port on the Mediterranean...The same countries that are criticizing us today, should know that they could be targeted tomorrow."[2]

Toby Greene. "End the Gaza blockade? If only it were that simple." Guardian. June 23, 2010: "The naval blockade addresses a real military-security threat. Iran is trying arm Hamas to the same levels as Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Currently their method is to smuggle weapons under the Gaza-Egypt border. Without a naval blockade, they can simply dock their boatloads of rockets in the Gaza port. No sensible observer can think that this is an acceptable situation to Israel or the international community. UN security council resolution 1860, adopted towards the end of the conflict in Gaza in January 2009, called on all states to intensify efforts to "prevent illicit trafficking in arms and ammunition" to Gaza."

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