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Argument: Lisbon's new powers for parliaments are mere oversight powers

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"An alternative guide to the Lisbon Treaty". Sinn Fein, Liberal Irish political party. - Parliaments in member states Parliaments in member states are to be given two new mechanisms for monitoring proposed EU laws. Parliaments may object to a proposal if it breaks ‘subsidiarity’ ie if the EU is acting beyond its treaty remit. In what is known as the ‘yellow card’ procedure, if one third of parliaments in member states object to a proposal the Commission is obliged to reconsider it. However the Commission does not have to withdraw the proposal and parliaments in member states have no way to amend it.

The second procedure requires a majority of parliaments in member states to object to a legislative proposal on the grounds that it contravenes the principle of subsidiarity. In such a case, the proposal will only be withdrawn if the European Parliament or the Council agree with the member states. These new powers for member state parliaments are minimal oversight powers, nothing more.

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