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Argument: Lower-tier college football playoffs are poorly attended

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Supporting quotations

Mark Purdy. "College football playoff sounds great but is a bad idea." Mercury News. January 8, 2010: "There are playoff tournaments in the lower levels of college football — including the second tier Championship Subdivision. Those games are played on home fields, instead of neutral sites. So maybe that would be the way to go at the top level of college football, too. [...] But have you noticed something about those lower-level playoff games? One, many are played in horrible December weather at the Northern sites. Two, the stands are hardly packed. [...] The new BCS executive director, Bill Hancock, was talking about that Thursday in a session with the media in Southern California. 'If you look at attendance for those games, only Montana had decent attendance,' said Hancock, a longtime NCAA executive. 'Many teams didn't draw as well as they did in the regular season.'"

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