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Argument: Many Iraqis support the continued presence of US forces

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Supporting Evidence

  • Iraqi Government Wants Continued U.S. Troop Presence, by Gerry J. Gilmore,American Forces Press Service, WASHINGTON, Nov. 28, 2007 “Dabbagh acknowledged the positive effects of the surge of forces in reducing insurgent-committed violence in and around the Iraq’s capital city and western regions.“With the improvement of the security situation in Baghdad and the west area and now even in Diyala (province), I think the level of the threat has been less now,” the Iraqi spokesman said. The improvement in security, he said, has bolstered hopes that Iraqi soldiers and police can begin taking more responsibility for security. However, “we still need the support of the American troops and the multinational troops,” Dabbagh emphasized, in order to completely defeat the insurgents. “The threat from the terrorist organizations is not limited to Iraq,” he pointed out, adding that Iraq is at the forefront in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East region. Iraqis are grateful for America’s role in releasing them from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny and for current U.S. military efforts to keep the country free from insurgent domination, Dabbagh said. “The Iraqi people will not forget all the sacrifice of the United States’ people,” he vowed.”

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