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Argument: McCain was dropping bombs in the unjust Vietnam war

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Supporting quotations

Charles Derber and Yale Magrass. "What does it mean to call McCain a 'war hero' candidate?". Christian Science Monitor. April 14, 2008 - "The public has treated McCain's record in Vietnam and his status as a war hero as something unchangeable. But placing his sacrifice beyond the pale of criticism also implicitly places the cause he served beyond the pale, and that hushes important dialogue...McCain's heroism stems entirely from Vietnam. McCain was brave in captivity, but he and his fellow pilots dropped more bombs on Vietnam than all those dropped in World War II, leading to the conclusion that 'we had to destroy Vietnam in order to save it.' But he did not acknowledge the war itself as immoral. Had he engaged in such 'straight talk' about the war itself, or if we had a more enlightened concept of heroism, he might not be getting so close to becoming the next president."

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