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Argument: Non homosexuals produce bad children too; why alienate gays?

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Parent Debate

Supporting Quotes

Harold Birtcher - "Our prisons are full of people who were in foster care, and those people were in, quote unquote, straight family homes,"

Saletan. "Adopting Premises. The sneaky debate over legalizing adoptions by gay couples." Feb. 7, 2002 - 5. Define the alternative. Connor says legalizing gay adoptions would "deprive" children of having a loving mom and dad. To dodge that dilemma, the media and gay adoption advocates focus on the millions of kids whose alternative to being adopted by a well-off gay couple is far worse than being adopted by a well-off straight couple. They profile gay couples who have taken in orphans, sick or abused children, and Asian kids for whom adoptive parents are hard to find. Connor says it would be better to get straight couples to adopt these kids. But until he recruits enough volunteers, he'll have to explain why living in an orphanage or with a drug-addicted mom is better than having two dads.

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