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Argument: Nuclear test ban eliminates negative environmental

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Supporting quotations

Greenpeace wrote in a background article on the CTBT: "Since 1945, there have been 2,046 tests worldwide, about one nuclear test every nine days for the last fifty-one years. The U.S. has carried out 1,030 nuclear weapon tests; the former Soviet Union has done 715; France, 210; Britain, 45 and China also 45. India has exploded one nuclear device, which it claimed was for peaceful purposes. Wherever nuclear weapons testing has occurred there have been environmental problems. Large areas of land are contaminated as a result of atmospheric tests and the long-term consequences of underground nuclear testing are unknown. Fallout from the peak years of atmospheric nuclear testing in the 1950s and 1960s, contaminated food, milk and water around the globe."[1] A test ban treaty can, therefore, eliminate these environmental consequences.

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