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Argument: Polygamous fathers can't give their children adequate attention

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Reasons to agree

  • John R. Llewellyn, former polygamist. "Polygamy vs. common sense". Retrieved 4.24.08 - "In reflecting back, I was so busy reassuring the wives, proving that I loved them and respected them, that I neglected the education and needs of my children. I was always being pulled back and forth by the wives until I just wanted to go up in the mountains and be a hermit, but of course I didn’t, because I had responsibilities. I loved my children very much and I needed to be there for them. Although I tried, and did a hell of a lot better than most polygamists, I still have a hard time forgiving myself for the neglect of my children.

Speaking of children, there have been some very bright and productive kids come out of polygamist families. The mothers get the credit, not the fathers.

I would take my sons fishing every chance I had. I would take their friends also because in many cases their fathers were to busy doing "priesthood business" to be bothered with the needs of their children. Some of these kids had never been camping or fishing, or to a ball game or movie with their father. He was just someone who came around occasionally to eat supper and get mom pregnant.

Let me give you two real life examples:

My son-in-law, Robbie, loved and admired his dad who was an influential member of Owen Allred’s apostolic priesthood council. Robbie set aside a special night for a patriarchal blessing, a night his Father would be available to give the blessing. This was an important event in the life of Robbie, who was one of over thirty siblings, a night when he would have his dad all to himself. This special event was to take place at my wife, Shauna’s home, who had prepared a wonderful meal to celebrate the occasion. You should have seen the pathetic look on Robbie’s face as we waited, and waited, for his important dad to show, but who never showed, or never apologized, because he was too busy doing priesthood work."

Reasons to disagree

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