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Argument: Porn helps men sublimate impulses toward rape

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Supporting quotations

Melinda Wenner Moyer. "The Sunny Side of Smut." Scientific American. July 22th, 2011: "Perhaps the most serious accusation against pornography is that it incites sexual aggression. But not only do rape statistics suggest otherwise, some experts believe the consumption of pornography may actually reduce the desire to rape by offering a safe, private outlet for deviant sexual desires."

Peter Suderman. "Does More Porn Make Society Better?" Reason. July 15th, 2009: "it makes sense that pornography and violent entertainment might serve as exhaust valves for our aggressive impulses — that, in most cases, they would help regulate our instincts rather than amplify them. If there's anything that history has taught us about human nature, it's that it's almost always far better to provide safe, structured, non-destructive outlets for our impulses than attempt to suppress them."

"5 Reasons Why Pornography is Good for Society." Azrael Sky. May 21st, 2011: "3. Pornography minimizes stalking, rape, and underage sex. Forget the possibility of zombies eating people. Imagine crowds of horny people running around the landscape with their tongues out and mounting just about anyone and anything that can satisfy their sexual desires. Ok, that may be exaggerating just a little bit, but let's consider the fact that pornography alleviates sexual desires. It allows people to pleasure themselves. If that source of pleasure is no longer available, then people must find other ways to pleasure themselves. This can lead to disaster, and an exponential increase in predatory rape and harrassment cases."

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