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Argument: Porn weakens libido and contributes to impotency

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Supporting quotations

Naomi Wolf. "The Porn Myth." The Atlantic. 2010: "For the first time in human history, the images’ power and allure have supplanted that of real naked women. Today, real naked women are just bad porn[...] A whole generation of men are less able to connect erotically to women—and ultimately less libidinous."

Anecdotal stories cited in Marnia Robinson. "No Porn, No Viagra." Huffington Post. March 8th, 2010: "I used porn for 20 years. As Internet speed picked up, I started having trouble with erections. It got worse and worse. Needed more and more types of porn stimulation. I was really worried, but the anxiety just pushed me deeper into porn. I probably used every type of porn image and vid out there except for one: child porn. What scares me is, could I have gone that route, too, one day?

The more I go without porn, masturbation, fantasy and orgasm, the more difficult it becomes to not get an erection... No ED problems or weak ejaculations like I had just a few months ago. My body has healed. So, if you stay away from porn and masturbation your sexual desire will go up. It will go up in a good way. Giving it up for just this short period of time has been a big step in healing the damage I did to myself. But it wasn't easy.

After a 90-day period of abstinence from porn/masturbation, I noticed that I was more sensitive than before; I didn't need any other stimulation to make me horny. Also the semen leakage stopped. Now that I have returned to some masturbation, I notice that I have been the most interested in women (and have ended up in bed with them) during my experiments with low masturbation frequency.

While I was consuming porn and beating off, I had severe performance anxiety when it came to actual sex. That is gone. I have no problem. It is nice to get aroused by little things: a revealing blouse, some innocent cleavage, a summer dress, or just a woman's flowing, shiny hair and fragrance, instead of "Cum Gurgling sluts" video clips.

I'm glad this porn-ED issue is becoming more recognized. It's gonna help prevent a lot of problems. I've read things about people being able watch porn occasionally and then still perform with a significant other. However, if they went a long stretch without partner sex, and watched a lot of porn, then they had difficulties--difficulties they didn't previously have.

I have now gone almost 4 weeks without porn, masturbating maybe twice. I feel a lot more responsive as far as sex drive, and I know it can get even better. I'm happy cause I'm getting used to living without porn, and starting to appreciate everyday women more.

I've noticed that when I do succeed in avoiding porn for a week or two (still masturbating), I don't have any problems with erections. Whereas if I look at porn, I can't get it up without it. Trouble is, each time I get better I believe I'm cured, and go back to daily porn/masturbation. I wish I could stay away from it permanently."[1]

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