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Argument: President Obama has a long list of major achievements

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Chris Weigl, Screenwriter and Political Consultant on Quara: Require economic justification for tax changes Implement "Women Owned Business" contracting program Change standards for determining broadband access Establish a credit card bill of rights Expand loan programs for small businesses Extend the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes Extend and index the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch Close the "doughnut hole" in Medicare prescription drug plan Expand the Senior Corps volunteer program Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions Give tax credits to those who need help to pay health premiums Require large employers to contribute to a national health plan Require children to have health insurance coverage Expand eligibility for Medicaid Expand eligibility for State Children's Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP) Require health plans to disclose how much of the premium goes to patient care Establish an independent health institute to provide accurate and objective information In non-competitive markets, force insurers to pay out a reasonable share of their premiums for patient care Eliminate the higher subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans Expand funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners Increase funding to expand community based prevention programs Reinstate executive order to hire an additional 100,000 federal employees with disabilities within five years. Increase the Veterans Administration budget to recruit and retain more mental health professionals Fully fund the Veterans Administration Assure that the Veterans Administration budget is prepared as 'must-pass' legislation Expand the Veterans Administration's number of "centers of excellence" in specialty care Appoint a special adviser to the president on violence against women Fully fund the Violence Against Women Act Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq Begin removing combat brigades from Iraq No permanent bases in Iraq Create a military families advisory board Strengthen and expand military exchange programs with other countries End the abuse of supplemental budgets for war Make U.S. military aid to Pakistan conditional on anti-terror efforts Open "America Houses" in Islamic cities around the globe Allocate Homeland Security funding according to risk Create a real National Infrastructure Protection Plan Increase funding for local emergency planning Seek verifiable reductions in nuclear stockpiles Extend monitoring and verification provisions of the START I Treaty Stand down nuclear forces to be reduced under the Moscow Treaty Appoint a White House Coordinator for Nuclear Security Initiate a grant and training program for law enforcement to deter cyber crime Improve relations with Turkey, and its relations with Iraqi Kurds Launch an international Add Value to Agriculture Initiative (AVTA) Create a rapid response fund for emerging democracies Grant Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba Restore funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program Establish an Energy Partnership for the Americas Expand the Nurse-Family Partnership to all low-income, first-time mothers Release presidential records Require new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions. Provide affordable, high-quality child care Recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession Reduce subsidies to private student lenders and protect student borrowers Encourage water-conservation efforts in the West Increase funding for national parks and forests Increase funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund Encourage farmers to use more renewable energy and be more energy efficient Expand Pell grants for low-income students Pursue a wildfire management plan Remove more brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires More controlled burns to reduce wildfires Expand access to places to hunt and fish Push for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy Restore funding to the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Reform mandatory minimum sentences Create a White House Office on Urban Policy Fully fund the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Establish program to convert manufacturing centers into clean technology leaders Establish 'Promise Neighborhoods' for areas of concentrated poverty Work toward deploying a global climate change research and monitoring system Fund a major expansion of AmeriCorps Create a Social Investment Fund Network Bolster the military's ability to speak different languages Appoint the nation's first Chief Technology Officer Provide grants to early-career researchers Work to overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear Create a national declassification center Appoint an American Indian policy adviser Create new financial regulations Increase funding for land-grant colleges Ban lobbyist gifts to executive employees Sign a "universal" health care bill Create new criminal penalties for mortgage fraud Require 10 percent renewable energy by 2012 Release oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve Raise fuel economy standards Invest in all types of alternative energy Enact tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars Ask people and businesses to conserve electricity Require more energy-efficient appliances Create a 'Green Vet Initiative' to promote environmental jobs for veterans Create job training programs for clean technologies Require states to provide incentives for utilities to reduce energy consumption Support high-speed rail Support airline service in small towns Invest in public transportation Equalize tax breaks for driving and public transit Consider "smart growth" in transportation funding Will seek more accommodations of bicycles and pedestrians Help states and localities address sprawl Share environmental technology with other countries Double federal spending for research on clean fuels Provide grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes Increase funding for the Environmental Protection Agency Raise the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009 Extend unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits Support network neutrality on the Internet Reverse restrictions on stem cell research We will kill bin Laden Double funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a program that encourages manufacturing efficiency Include environmental and labor standards in trade agreements Create an international tax haven watch list Make permanent the Research & Development tax credit Require automatic enrollment in 401(k) plans Require automatic enrollment in IRA plans Create a retirement savings tax credit for low incomes Create a consumer-friendly credit card rating system Create a $60 billion bank to fund roads and bridges Tax carried interest as ordinary income Require full disclosure of company pension investments to employees Provide easy-to-understand comparisons of the Medicare prescription drug plans Invest in electronic health information systems Phase in requirements for health information technology Require that health plans utilize disease management programs Require providers to report measures of health care costs and quality Hold hospitals and health plans accountable for disparities in care Implement and fund proven health intervention programs Prevent drug companies from blocking generic drugs Allow Medicare to negotiate for cheaper drug prices Work with schools to create more healthful environments for children Improve recruitment of public health workers Mandate insurance coverage of autism treatment Fully fund the Combating Autism Act and Federal Autism Research Initiatives Double federal funding for cancer research Increase participation in cancer-related clinical trials Fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Set a national goal to provide re-screening for all 2-year-olds for developmental disorders Commission a study on students with disabilities and their transition to jobs or higher education Set goals and timetables for implementing Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Create a best practices list for private businesses in accommodating workers with disabilities Launch educational initiative for employers on tax benefits of hiring employees with disabilities Reduce the threshhold for the Family and Medical Leave Act from companies with 50 employees to companies with 25 employees Provide a $1.5 billion fund to help states launch programs for paid family and medical leave Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year Streamline the Social Security disability approval process Expand Veterans Centers in rural areas Establish standards of care for traumatic brain injury treatment Make the Veterans Administration a national leader in health reform Reduce the Veterans Benefits Administration claims backlog Institute electronic record-keeping for the Veterans Benefits Administration Expand housing vouchers program for homeless veterans Launch a supportive services-housing program for veterans to prevent homelessness Expand the Family Medical Leave Act to include leave for domestic violence or sexual assault Fully fund debt cancellation for heavily indebted poor countries Create a fund for international small and medium enterprises (SME) Launch robust diplomatic effort with Iraq and its neighbors Provide $30 billion over 10 years to Israel Limit Guard and Reserve deployments to one year for every six years End the "Stop-Loss" program of forcing troops to stay in service beyond their expected commitments Fully and properly equip troops Create a Civilian Assistance Corps that would organize private sector professionals to help in times of need Include humanitarian international missions in long-term budgeting Review weapons programs Modernize ships and invest more in small vessels Set standards for when the government should hire defense contractors Restore the government's ability to manage contracts by rebuilding our contract officer corps Create a system of incentives and penalties for defense contracts Establish a Global Education Fund Strengthen the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) aimed at stopping spread of weapons of mass destruction Organize successful Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in 2010 Expand federal bioforensics program for tracking biological weapons Develop a comprehensive cyber security and response strategy Mandate standards for securing personal data Require companies to disclose personal information data breaches Work to persuade the European Union to end credit guarantees to Iran Seek to negotiate a political agreement on Cyprus Restructure and streamline USAID Increase the size of the foreign service Urge China to stop manipulation of its currency value Press China to end its support for regimes in Sudan, Burma, Iran and Zimbabwe Create a public "Contracts and Influence" database Require Cabinet officials to host Internet town hall meetings Conduct regulatory agency business in public Promote more pre-school education Expand Early Head Start and Head Start Reform No Child Left Behind Double funding for Federal Charter School Program and require more accountability Address the dropout crisis by giving schools incentives for more dropout prevention Create Teacher Residency Programs that will send teachers to high-need schools Expand teacher mentoring programs and provide incentives for more planning time Promote innovative ways to reward good teachers Simplify the application process for financial aid Increase the number of high school students taking college-level courses Create incentives for tree planting and promote carbon sequestration Improve water quality Regulate pollution from major livestock operations Strengthen federal environmental justice programs Increase funding for organic and sustainable agriculture Partner with landowners to conserve private lands Create a community college partnership program Increase funding for progams that conserve lands and habitat for select species such as the Osceola turkey Support wetlands protection Promote economic development in Mexico Support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Vigorously pursue hate crimes and civil rights abuses Sign the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act into law Support regional innovation clusters Help low-income areas get phone and Internet service Create a Homeowner Obligation Made Explicit (HOME) score for mortgage comparisons Increase the supply of affordable housing throughout metropolitan regions Invest in transitional jobs and career pathway programs Fully fund the COPS program Improve emergency response plans Cap interest rates on payday loans and improve disclosure Expand public/private partnerships between schools and arts organizations Improve climate change data records Support improved weather prediction program Offer prizes for advances in consumer technology Encourage contests and programs to interest students in science Increase research opportunities for college students Strengthen the levees in New Orleans Direct revenues from offshore oil and gas drilling to increased coastal hurricane protection Shake loose federal money for rebuilding the Gulf Coast

Accomplishments of President Barack Obama

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