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Argument: Prolonging the Iraq War will permanently damaged the US military

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "A responsible plan to the end the war in Iraq." 2008, Democratic plan - "A damaged U.S. Military Throughout our history, the strength and professionalism of the U.S. Military have been instrumental in preserving our country‚Äôs liberty and democracy. Superb training and personnel plus the best equipment in the world made quick and decisive response possible. Our capacity to respond with overwhelming force has been a powerful deterrent. Our military capabilities and readiness, however, have been deeply damaged by this war. Both our troops and our military equipment have been seriously depleted. Our forces are stretched so thin that we are unprepared to defend our country.6 Many of our best and brightest officers are choosing to leave military service.7 Under the grinding strain of constant wartime use, a dangerously high percentage of our military equipment is damaged, gone, or unavailable to units who might need it.8 Our dependence on private military contractors9 and the politicization of some of the upper echelons of the military compromise the professionalism which had been a hallmark of our forces10. And the nationalization of the state National Guards presents a further threat by hampering our ability to respond to emergencies at home."

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