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Argument: Qadhafi showed will to kill and abuse civilians in mass

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Supporting quotations

Obama Administration letter to Congress justifying Libya engagement, June 15th, 2011: "The crisis began when the Libyan people took to the streets in February to demand reforms and stand up for their human rights. Qadhafi’s security forces responded with extreme violence. Fighter jets and helicopter gunships attacked people who had no means to defend themselves. There were reports of government agents raiding homes and hospitals to round up or kill wounded protestors, and of indiscriminate killings, arbitrary arrests, and torture as Qadhafi’s forces began a full-scale assault on cities that were standing up against his rule. For these reasons, the International Criminal Court Prosecutor has requested arrest warrants for crimes against humanity for Qadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and one of his intelligence chiefs. The Prosecutor also recently announced that he has found increasing evidence that Qadhafi was personally involved in ordering mass rapes of Libyan women as part of his campaign of terror."

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