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Argument: Released Guantanamo detainees are unlikely to return to terrorism

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Supporting quotations

Thomas Wilner. "We Don't Need Guantanamo Bay". Wall Street. December 22, 2008 - almost seven years we should take a hard look at the likelihood any of them would return to the battlefield. Many were conscripted into service against their will, or served only as cooks or drivers or clerks, or were involved in tribal warfare rather than a fight against us. Some participated in the battle only in the sense that they were fleeing Afghanistan after the bombs began to fall. Why should these people continue to be imprisoned while the two detainees the government first charged with war crimes as Guantanamo's "worst of the worst," David Hicks and Salim Hamdam, are now home with their families after serving their sentences?

The great majority of the detainees -- close to 200 -- want to return to their home countries. Those countries want them back and will take responsibility for them. We can reduce Guantanamo's population significantly simply by sending home detainees who had no business being imprisoned in the first place. And we should.

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