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Argument: Russia responded to a humanitarian crisis in South Ossetia

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Supporting quotations

"Putin says Russia's actions in South Ossetia well-founded". China View - According to the prime minister, 34,000 refugees crossed from South Ossetia to Russia from Aug. 2-9. He said destruction was massive in the breakaway region, describing the situation as "the humanitarian catastrophe."

Headquarters had been set up "in order to solve all problems in the humanitarian field" related to the inflow of refugees to Russia, Putin said, adding that its branch will operate in Vladikavkaz.

Alexander Novitsky, the commander of the Russian peacekeepers, told the Interfax news agency. - "The strengthening of the peacekeeping force is aimed at ruling out a repetition of the situation Russian peacekeepers faced in Tskhinvali. Our troops have to defend civilians and avert a humanitarian catastrophe."[1]

"The Russian Government says that Georgia Committed Genocide in South Ossetia". 10 Aug. 2008 - "the prime minister detailed the humanitarian aid programme that Russia is readying for South Ossetia. For the rebuilding of housing, 10 billion roubles (413 million USD. 275 million euros. 215 million UK pounds) are set aside in the federal budget. Additionally, 500 million roubles (20.645 million USD. 13.747 million euros. 10.741 million UK pounds) are budgeted for the immediate aid of Ossetian refugees in North Ossetia. Between 2 and 9 August, some 34,000 refugees from South Ossetia fled into Russia."

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