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Argument: Sex offenders often driven by aggression more than sex drive

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Supporting quotations

DeWayne Wickham. "Castration often fails to halt offenders." USA Today. September 3rd, 2001: "what is it that pushes sexual predators to want to give up their virility? I suspect it's that they understand better than the rest of us that rape and most other sexual offenses have little to due with sex — and more to do with physical domination. Castration isn't likely to stop a sex offender from preying on people. It will only change the way these predators go about their crimes. As Florida prosecutor Jerry Burford told the St. Petersburg Times: 'I get a lot of people who are impotent that still commit sexual battery. It's not their gonads that cause them to commit sexual battery. It's their heads.'"

American Civil Liberties Union: "Chemical castration assumes that sexual offenders, after losing their sexual drive, will stop molesting children or attacking women. Unfortunately, that simply is not true. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of psychology can tell you that there are many other reasons why offenders commit sex crimes. These are not individuals looking to score on a Saturday night. They are sick, not desperate. Reducing their sexual drive does not necessarily solve the problem.

Sexual assault is not about sex that is a myth. This law reinforces the stereotype that men are sexcrazed individuals and that child molesters and sexual predators need to be drugged to control sexual impulses. In reality, sexual assaults are about violence, power and the humiliation of a survivor or victim.

Eliminating sexual desire or a body part, for that matter seems like a quick fix. No more trying to squeeze extra convicts into already overcrowded jails. No more spending money to feed and clothe another felon sentenced to life. Just get rid of the testes. But this law avoids the real issues.[1]

Enrique da Rosa, a forensic sexologist and psychologist, said in 2010 to CNN: "This leaves out a large number of sexual delinquents who have perverted pathologies. That is to say, I can't have the chemical impulse, the hormonal impulse, but in reality I can enjoy making the victim submit."[2]

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