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Argument: Social networking sites provide employers a true impression of a candidate

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Andrea Fuller. "Employers snoop on Facebook". January 20, 2006 - "Director of the Career Development Center (CDC) [at Staford University] Lance Choy confirmed that employers routinely conduct Web searches to find background information on job candidates. Companies have furthered this practice by using Facebook. Choy mentioned several potential reasons employers would choose to use Facebook to check up on job candidates. 'Employers might be able to confirm background information. Some students write about their interests, and employers might want to check on whether this supports their job application. Some employers might try and learn something about the student’s personality and whether it would be appropriate for the job.'" - The article indicates that Choy considered this all to be appropriate reasons for an employer to look over a candidates profile, but considered there to be many unethical rationales for employers searching profiles, such as when it is unrelated to the question at hand - the credentials of the candidate for the job.


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