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Argument: The United States unjustly protects Israel with UN veto

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Supporting evidence

[...]Eight of the last 10 vetoes at the Security Council have been by the United States, and seven of these have been of draft resolutions criticising the Israeli Government in some way.
Most recently, in September 2003, the US vetoed a resolution drafted by Syria that denounced Israel's threat to "remove" Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Washington said the resolution was "flawed" because it did not include a "robust condemnation of acts of terrorism" by Palestinian militant groups.
In December 2002, the US blocked a draft resolution criticising the killing by Israeli forces of several United Nations employees and the destruction of the World Food Programme warehouse in the West Bank.
In total, the US has blocked 36 draft resolutions on Israel."
  • Céline Nahory. "The Hidden Veto". Global Policy forum. May 2004 - "Washington’s constant threat of vetoes on Security Council actions critical of Israel is a notorious example of this abuse, which generally worsens international crises. Though the Arab group has obtained monthly Security Council meetings on the situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories, the US prevents any substantive role of the Council on the matter."
Ghazi Hamad, the Palestinian cabinet spokesman, said the veto was 'a signal that the U.S. had given legitimacy to the massacres and a green light to (Israel) to ... carry out more massacres.'"

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