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Argument: The state is justified in protecting society from drug-users

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

Phil. 1200. Notes #19: Drugs

  1. "Drugs harm other people.
    1. Can cause traffic accidents.
    2. Emotional harms to family/friends. They can cause you to become a jerk.
  2. Harm to society. Users are less productive, worse citizens. Causes crime.
  3. The government should prohibit people from harming others.
  4. Therefore, they should prohibit drugs."

The Moderate Party (Moderaterna), which forms the major part of the centre-right alliance government of Sweden, advocates "Zero tolerance for crime", arguing: "Few things restrict people’s freedom as much as the consequences of violence, drugs and criminality in society." — The Swedish Moderate Party (June 2006). Zero tolerance for crime - policy summary published prior to the Swedish general election in 2006.

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