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Argument: There is no military solution in Iraq

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Supporting quotes

  • General David Petraeus, March 2007. - "There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq.[1]
  • General Wesley Clark (ret.). Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. May 2007 - “The fact is, this president never listened to the soldiers on the ground. The problem is not just a military problem. It is a political problem and a diplomatic problem.”[2]
  • "A responsible plan to the end the war in Iraq." 2008, Democratic plan - "There is no military solution to the problems faced in Iraq: the real progress that can be made requires diplomatic, political, and economic means. We must stop counter-productive military operations by U.S. occupation forces and end our military presence in Iraq.
End U.S. military action in Iraq:
There is no military solution in Iraq. Our current course unacceptably holds U.S. strategic fortunes hostage to events in Iraq that are beyond our control; we must change course. Using diplomatic, political, and economic power, we can responsibly end the war and removing all of our troops from Iraq."

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