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Argument: Third world governments often seize local control to expand ecotourism

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Tourism, Globalisation and Sustainable Development". Untamed Path. Retrieved 1.29.08 - "While authorities believe that local people, who have often lived in the area for generations, are not capable of managing and conserving their land and natural resources - under a community forestry scheme for example - they believe they themselves in cooperation with the tourist industry can properly manage and conserve 'nature' under a national eco-tourism plan. Taking the above quote seriously, cynics may be tempted to say there is obviously a gap between 'human rights' and 'animal rights'.
How is this story linked to globalisation? First of all, that humans cannot live in the forest is - of course - not a Thai concept. It is a notion of Western conservation ideology - an outcome of the globalisation of ideas and perceptions. Likewise, that eco-tourism under a 'good management' system is beneficial to local people and nature is also a Western concept that is being globalised. In fact, Thailand's forestry chief thinks globally and acts locally. A lesson that can be learned from this is that the slogan 'Think Globally, Act Locally' that the environmental movements have promoted all the years, has not necessarily served to preserve the environment and safeguard local communities' rights, but has been co-opted and distorted by official agencies and private industries for profit-making purposes. The tourism industry is demonstrating this all too well."

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