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Argument: Those circumcised in adulthood note improved sex

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Supporting quotations

"Sex between man and woman - does circumcision make a difference?". About - There is one group, though, who are able to make a direct comparison - those who were circumcised as adults, and have enjoyed sex both ways. ALL heterosexual Australian men who were circumcised after the age of fifteen answered that sex was better after circumcision. Their comments were very enthusiastic: "In total, sex is more enjoyable with a bare knob" "Much more enjoyable" (heavily underlined) "The operation had no effect on the ease of orgasm ... (but) it had a considerable effect on the feel of intercourse. .... During intercourse the foreskin would roll on and off the glans and I was having sex with the foreskin rather than the vagina. Aesthetically sex was better afterwards." "Although my glans was quite sensitive before my circumcision, I had too much foreskin and it was always in the way. Intercourse was not especially satisfactory for me as a result, because it was difficult, if not impossible, to get enough stimulation of the glans to achieve orgasm. Put bluntly, it was more damn work than it was worth! That is now significantly better."

So for some men circumcision made the difference between being sexually dysfunctional and being functional, while for others the improvement was purely aesthetic. But all found an improvement.

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