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Argument: Turkey has acted according to EU wishes in Cyprus

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Supporting quotations

"Turkey’s Membership Application: Implications for the EU". Jean Monnet/Robert Schuman Paper Series. Vol. 5 No. 26. August 2005 - "As part of this pressing ahead, Turkey duly ‘fell into line’ on Cyprus, by – successfully - urging Turkish Cypriots to support the April 2004 referendum in northern Cyprus on the Annan Plan for re-unification of the island. Re-unification did not subsequently occur, but this was because in a parallel referendum Greek Cypriots voted against the Annan Plan. In consequence, the main responsibility for the continuing division of Cyprus was now seen to rest in the eyes of all EU-25 states - apart, of course, from the Republic of Cyprus itself - with the Greek Cypriots rather than with Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots."

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