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Argument: UN veto perpetuates unfortunate geopolitical games

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Mohamed Sid-Ahmed. "P-5 Veto Outdated". Cairo Al-Ahram. July 8-14, 1999 - "The veto powers of the Big Five constitute the very essence of the United Nations. The international organisation is not democratic. Its members do not have equal rights. The five countries which reaped the fruits of victory in World War II were accorded special privileges. Indeed, the structure of the international organisation charged with maintaining world order was based on the premise that what is considered legal is only what is acceptable to these five privileged members concomitantly. The Security Council is the institution inside the UN entrusted with the implementation of this mechanism. As for the General Assembly, its main task is to ensure that the community of nations inside the UN respect the rules of the game and are kept within the system. Nowhere are the workings of the system more graphically illustrated than in the Arab-Israeli conflict, where we have seen countless resolutions passed by the General Assembly condemning this or that aspect of Israeli policy only to be nullified by a US veto."

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