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Argument: Uncircumcised men often pass infections/diseases to spouses

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Supporting quotations

Dr David Hawker. "The Benefits of Male Circumcision". March 2004 - Cancer of the cervix in women is due to the Human Papilloma Virus. It thrives under and on the foreskin from where it can be transmitted during intercourse. An article in the British Medical Journal in April 2002 suggested that at least 20% of cancer of the cervix would be avoided if all men were circumcised. Surely that alone makes it worth doing?

Personal Preferences & Experiences. Circlist - Every nurse I know prefers circumcised men. We simply see the problems caused by foreskins and know what could happen to us if our husbands were not circumcised. We see many women in hospital with infections caused by uncircumcised partners who neglect proper cleaning under the foreskin. Women suffer needlessly because men do not or will not look after their penises. A foreskin needs to be fully withdrawn and washed thoroughly with soap and water at least once a day. The inner layer of the foreskin has glands that create a substance called smegma. This is a continuous process, hence, the daily cleaning.

[...]I have had bladder infections with men who are not circumcised. For a woman, these are most unpleasant. I felt like I had to constantly urinate and when I did, the burning sensation was most painful. I never had such an infection with a circumcised man or with my husband since he has been circumcised. Again, a circumcised penis is simply, much cleaner and is far more sanitary regarding bacteria, etc. I made my husband, before he was circumcised, wash his penis thoroughly just before we had sex. This is not a great contribution to spontaneity.

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