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Argument: Voluntary limitations of UN SC veto to only enforcement would not work

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Thomas Weiss. "The Illusion of UN Security Council Reform". Washington Quarterly 2003 - "The reform debate has also led to other proposals that stop short of charter amendments and provide alternative formulas to finesse the issue of the veto. The P-5 could voluntarily exercise greater restraint, for example, by restricting the exercise of the veto only to matters that fall under the obligatory provisions of enforcement decisions taken under Chapter VII of the charter.23 For cases of humanitarian intervention, the P-5 could abstain where vital interests are not involved.24 Such restraint would offer no guarantees, of course, and would also set an unusual precedent of calling on selected states to give up rights acquired by treaties. Alternatively, coalitions of states might seek institutional moral stamps of approval outside the Security Council. The Kosovo Commission, an independent group of human rights proponents, made this point most distinctly by arguing that NATO’s 1999 humanitarian war was “illegal” (because it had no Security Council authorization) but 'legitimate' (because it was ethically justified)."

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