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Searching for a particular article

On the left side of the screen, there is a box, titled Search. This is the Search Box, in which you type what you are looking for and then press the Enter key or click the Go or Search key under the box. This will allow you to search Debatepedia. Depending upon the size of your screen, if you do not see the Search Box on the left side of the screen, then you need to scroll the entire page down until you find the Search Box.

It is important to note, though, that different articles on Debatepedia have different kinds of titles. You will have to account for this when searching in the search box, typing in the appropriate prefix for the particular topic you are seeking. Here are some of the different types of articles on Debatepedia:

  • "Debate:(Title of Debate)"
  • "Argument:(The Argument)"
  • "Positions:(Title of the debate around which positions are held)"
  • "Debatepedia:About" (And other Debatepedia related pages).
  • "Group:(Name of team, organization,...)"
  • "Portal:(Name of portal page)"
  • "Category:(Name of category)"
  • "IDEA Standards:"

Try Google also. Google's search engine is certainly superior to the one on this wiki. Therefore, you may find it more effective to rely on Google when searching for an article on Debatepedia. If you are searching for a debate article(s) on Capital Punishment, you could type "Debatepedia, Capital Punishment Debate" into Google, and you would probably get what you are looking for.

Browsing through Debatetepedia articles

There are two primary ways to browse through articles on Debatepdia: Category pages and Portal pages.

Browsing category pages: The main categories on Debatepedia are provided on the main page on the left side at the top. They are based on topic areas, such as philosophy, civil rights,... Click on these, and scroll through the lists of articles as you wish.

Browsing portal pages: Portal pages are a wonderful way to frame a particular subject area on Debatepdia (like on Wikipedia), get links to articles, understand what the community is working on in that field (and join in), and to gain a better background knowledge of that area. These are a critical component of browsing on Debatepedia. Links should be made from Portal pages to Category pages so that you can travel back and forth easily.

You can also view all articles on Debatepedia.

The Community Portal

The community portal (like on Wikipedia), along with the community forum, is one of the most important pages on Debatepedia, as it is where the community of editors comes together to post what they are all doing, tasks that need to be done and easy ways to join in, news within the community, and many other community-related things. If you are serious about editing and contributing on Debatepedia, this will be a very important page for you to browse through.

The Community Forum

The Debatepedia:Community forum (like the Village Pump on Wikipedia) is the central discussion forum for the Debatepedia community to come together and talk about the policies, operations, and technical issues on Debatepedia. Debatepedia is an entity that will progress via the consensus of the community, making the Community Forum a vital place for its direction to be hashed out. If you are serious about joining the Debatepedia community, and affecting and improving the direction that Debatepedia takes, this is a critical place to browse on Debatepedia.

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