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Plea bargaining violates 5th and 6th amendments

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Plea bargaining in exchange for testimony is a violation of the fifth and sixth amendments. The fifth amendment is an amendment against self incrimination. Criminals have the right not to testify to anything that may prove that they had anything to do with a crime or criminal activity. However when the criminal does get on the witness stand they must answer all questions asked. In many plea bargain cases the pressure from the courts/attorneys to take a plea bargain is so heavy even innocent people give in. Even when they have a chance to go to trial and be found innocent. Plea bargaining for testimony violates the sixth amendment because it states that a person has the right to a "speedy" trial. Yes plea bargains are very speedy but the constitution says "trial" not plea bargain. No it does not say anything against plea bargaining but as previously stated it says "trial". Therefore plea bargaining in exchange for testimony is a violation of rights.

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